Several publications are available through GWW, some can even be downloaded and printed from this page.

Community-Based Water Monitoring: A Practical Model for Global Watershed Stewardship

This book describes the formation, approaches, and accomplishments of a variety of citizen groups that cbwmCoverhave monitored water quality and quantity since the early 1990s. This book is primarily for the practitioner. It is written for water monitors, group leaders, policy makers, educators, and members of the scientific community who interact with multiple stakeholders for holistic watershed stewardship. The book will be successful if the practical approach that it describes is used to initiate and better organize locally led water monitoring projects that ultimately improve environmental quality, water policy, education, public health, and sustainable livelihoods. An Overview of Country Experiences and Guidelines for New Projects are included. The Tankersley Endowment sponsored in part the production, editing, and printing costs of this 200-page book.

Contact the AWW office to learn how to obtain a copy of this book.

Data Credibility

Over the almost 20 years of GWW citizen-based water monitoring, there have been several opportunities to compare citizen water quality data to that of professional agencies which follow Standard Methods for the analysis of water. This GWW publication features, among other, citizen water data from Alabama Water Watch and Global Water Watch-Veracruz, Mexico. The World Wildlife Fund sponsored in part the production, edition and printing costs of this 24-page booklet.

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Data Forms

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1. GWW Water Chemistry Monitoring Data Form

2. GWW Bacteriological Monitoring Data Form 

3. GWW Stream Biomonitoring Data Form

4. GWW Stream Flow Monitoring Data Form

5. GWW Total Suspended Solids Monitoring Data Form

6.  GWW Monitoring Site Data Form

7.  GWW Water Chemistry Monitoring Recertification Form

8.  GWW Bacteriological Monitoring Recertification Form

9.  GWW Stream Biomonitoring Recertification Form

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