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Ways You Can Help

You can play a vital role in sustaining water quality monitoring in your area, and help to protect wildlife habitat, public health, or even your favorite swimming and fishing holes. The GWW is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization. Your contribution or membership is tax deductible. Please contact us to let you know how you can support GWW activities.

Reasons to Join GWW

Global Water Watch is the only worldwide program that teaches educators and the general public about water monitoring and how to use their water data to clean up our streams and lakes. Citizens of many countries have benefited by several types of GWW workshops, and volunteer water monitoring has been used to…

  • Help community groups identify and solve water quality problems

  • Motivate students and improve their test scores

  • Identify waterbodies that need further testing by Environmental Agencies and other professionals;

  • Improve water policy and stop pollution at local and statewide levels

Your dues and gifts to the GWW are tax deductible, and are carefully used with GWW Program funds to fulfill our mission of improving both water quality and policy through watershed stewardship, citizen monitoring and action.

When joining the GWW Network the GWW program provides an option for a group or project to become a part of a worldwide, support network. Participation in GWW offers to participants:
1.- Published monitoring protocols approved by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and data quality assurance guidelines.
2.- Training materials in several languages adapted to country conditions.
3.- A database that allows data entry and retrieval in a variety of customized formats and accessibility to monitors and CBWM groups.
4.- Interactions and exchanges of experiences among CBWM groups and monitors via Internet, workshops and meetings.
5.- Technical support from water scientists with decades of international experience.
GWW does not primarily fund projects, but will usually contribute resources to well-designed projects that have committed partners. Contact us to learn more about joining the GWW network.